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Make a great personal mix with the Livemix CS-SOLO,  the most feature rich personal mixer on the market. The LCD touchscreen with custom naming makes creating a mix easy. Dedicated knobs provide quick access to essential features. The CS-SOLO provides 24 channels plus accessory channels, each with EQ and compression. The master output features EQ, compression and reverb.

MirrorMix® remote setup and mixing, mute and solo options, channel grouping and LCD dimming make the Livemix system deep enough for professionals, but simple enough for volunteers. To maximize stage mixes, connect two CS-SOLO units to a single port on the MIX-16 or MIX-32. The first personal mix is the blue “A Mix” while the second personal mixer unit will be the red “B Mix”. Power and audio is supplied to the second CS-SOLO over a network cable connected to the CS-SOLO THRU port.

Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Top Image
Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Top Image
Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Top Image
Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Back Image
Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Angle Image
Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Top ImageLivemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Top ImageLivemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Back ImageLivemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer Angle Image


  • Livemix personal monitor system with 24 channels of audio

    24 Channels + 4 Accessory Channels

    While most personal mixers give you 16 total mixable channels, Livemix offers 24 plus additional accessory channels. With Stereo Pairs and built-in Groups, it’s easy to build true stereo pairs and multi-channel groups.

  • Livemix personal monitor system - simple to use

    Simple To Use

    Making a personal mix is much easier when you can “turn up Sasha” or “turn down the bass” and not try to remember who is on what channel. With a color LCD touchscreen with custom names, scribble strips and guessing is a thing of the past. Dedicated knobs for adjustments, your own channel group and master volume make mixing simple and intuitive.

  • Livemix personal mixer Crystal clear headphone amplifier

    Crystal Clear Headphone Amplifier

    The headphone amplifier on Livemix will drive nearly any impedance and give you incredible space and tonal separation. This makes creating a personal mix easier as channels on other systems can tend to “smear” or “get muddy”.

  • Livemix built-in effects on each channel and master icon

    EQ, HPF, & Dynamics on Every Channel

    Effects presets for each instrument type help make mix setup simple. You can also bypass the presets and edit each effect directly. The effects in Livemix are global so that you only have to set them up once and everyone gets an incredible sounding personal mix.

  • Livemix accessory channels icon

    Built-in Accessory Channels

    In addition to the 24 input channels, Livemix boasts 4 accessory channels. Built-in ambient mics helps musicians locate themselves on stage when using in-ear monitors. The intercomm allows team communication and the auxillary input can connect to a media player for practicing songs or for tracks. The built-in metronome helps everyone stay on time.

  • Livemix Personal Monitor System SWITCH ICON

    Remote Mixing and Intercom

    MirrorMix remote mixing lets anyone get help when they need it. Any personal mixer can audition and mix any other mix. Push out a good starter mix to all mixers at once with Global MirrorMix. In MirrorMix mode, the built-in intercom is direct to the target mixer for easy confirmation and communication.










(no update needed at this time)

Output Power & THD+N @22Ω 200mW @ 1% THD+N
100mW @ .03% THD +N
@32Ω 250mW @ 1% THD+N
100mW @ .014% THD +N
@64Ω 250mW @ 1% THD+N
100mW @ .005% THD +N
@300Ω 130mW @ 1% THD+N
100mW @ .003% THD +N
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 22 kHz ± 3 dB
S/N Ratio 103 dB
Input Impedance (Aux In) 7.5 kΩ
Crosstalk (Left to Right) -103 dB
Max Cable length from MIX-16 100m CAT5e cable
(shielded recommended)
Filter Q High Pass & Low Pass .707
Peak/Dip 1.2
Filter Cut/Boot Amount ± 6 dB
Ambient Mic Gain 25 dB

Shielded cable is required for connecting both the AD-24 and the DA-816 to the MIX-16 or MIX-32. Shielded cable is not required for connecting a CS-SOLO or CS-DUO to the MIX-16/32 or connecting the LM-DANTE card to the Dante network. However, shielded is recommended.

Categories: Cables, DA816, Livemix, MIX16, MIX32

The maximum supported CAT5e (shielded required) cable distance of 100 meters.

Categories: DA816, Livemix, MIX16, MIX32

With feedback from our end users and dealers, we are continually making Livemix better with firmware updates. These USB ports are used for updating the firmware.


This brochure is a great place to start. Not only does it have a comparison of Livemix vs. other personal monitor systems, it also has great articles on the benefits of personal monitors and how to make a great personal monitor mix.


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