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Livemix Firmware Update

CHANHASSEN, MN – March 15, 2018 Livemix is the most feature rich yet simple to use system for live and studio monitoring. With a new firmware update, available free from the Digital Audio Labs website, the Livemix personal monitor system expands on it’s already considerable capabilities.

This user updateable firmware adds the ability to configure adjacent channels in stereo pairs. With up to 12 stereo pairs available, users can group keys, drum overheads, tracks and more into stereo “groups” with independent balance controls for true stereo functionality. Stereo pairing is in addition to the 5 multi-channel pairs already offered.

Another feature of the new update is Volume Scaling. When making a personal monitor mix, it is easy to misjudge the master volume to channel volume ratio. When users find they need to reduce the channel volumes and increase the master volume, they usually have to decrease volume on each channel one at a time. With Volume Scaling, all the channels can be placed into a temporary group with one button press. This makes it simple to scale all the channels up or down in seconds.

Other improvements include a more powerful master output with a sweep-able Master EQ, and improved reverb. Muted and soloed channels are now saved with the personal mix as well. Some “under the hood” improvements include preparation for the forthcoming Dante 96K option card (available April 1st 2018) and Dante Domain Manager capabilities.

The new firmware update is available for free at

Digital Audio Labs has over 25 years of experience in digital audio, amplification, digital signal processing and audio equipment manufacturing. Based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Digital Audio Labs is known for the ground breaking CardD and CardDeluxe audio cards. In addition to Livemix and now LaChapell Audio, Digital Audio Labs is a design and manufacturing OEM partner for many industry leading companies. For more information on the LaChapell Audio, please visit or email

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