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Free Livemix Firmware Update

We're pretty pumped about this free firmware update. These features will make using Livemix easier, especially for the experienced user. We always recommend that you keep your system current and this is no exception. How else are you going to…

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Mix Essentials Webinar Image - Livemix webinar with Alclair in-ear monitors

Creating a Great In-Ear Mix

Creating a Great In-Ear Mix is a really great tutorial webinar we put on with Will Doggett from From Studio to Stage. In this resource, Will walks you though some great tips for making a good in-ear mix. Getting a…

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Livemix personal monitor system - Personal Mix and personal mixing Foundations


If you are unfamiliar with the relatively new technology called a personal mix or personal monitoring systems like Livemix, it’s time to get up to speed. Personal monitor systems allow each performer to have a mix with as much “me” as they…

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Livemix Blog - Analog Mixers vs. Digital Mixers

Don’t Ditch Analog Just Yet!

If you are in the market for a new mixer, chances are pretty good that it will be a digital mixer. Digital consoles have a lot to offer and can solve a number of problems that we run into in…

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Livemix Resources - Keeping Performers Confident

Keeping Performers Confident

Most of our churches rely on volunteer musicians, singers, and techs to make services run smoothly. When teams are distracted or frustrated it has a ripple effect across the entire gathering. And lets face it, there are SO many things…

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