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Digital Audio Labs Open Source Center

LIVEMIX MIX-16, MIX-32, DA-816

The Livemix MIX-16, MIX-32 and DA-816 firmware includes the open source software module FreeRTOS, which is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2) AND MODIFIED BY the FreeRTOS exception, as outlined in the FreeRTOS license. In accordance with those licensing terms, we must provide you the source code for the version of FreeRTOS used in the listed products. You may download the FreeRTOS source code here.

FreeRTOS 7.1.1 Source Code

FreeRTOS configuration file

FreeRTOS license

FreeRTOS web site

Digital Audio Labs provides this source code for the sole purpose of satisfying the above licensing requirements. Digital Audio Labs is not affiliated with Real Time Engineers Ltd., the owners and maintainers of the FreeRTOS project. As such, Digital Audio Labs does not provide a warranty or guarantee of fitness for purpose or merchantability for the FreeRTOS software.

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