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Free Livemix Firmware Update

We're pretty pumped about this free firmware update. These features will make using Livemix easier, especially for the experienced user. We always recommend that you keep your system current and this is no exception. How else are you going to…

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DB-25 TO TRS SNAKE CABLE  This cable/snake connects your console or snake equipped with TRS outputs to the DB-25 inputs on the Livemix AD-24 analog input unit. Alternatively, it can connect a console equipped with a DB-25 connector to the…

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The Livemix DA-816 uses open source code. The FreeRTOS source code is available for download here.

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Dante Option Card

Only the LM-DANTE-EXP is updatable at this time. The LM-DANTE-EXP has a single network port on the back. Please do not update the LM-DANTE-EXP2.

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LIVEMIX AD-24 THD+N .001% S/N Ratio 111 dB Frequency Response 20 Hz – 22KHz ± .5dB Crosstalk -92 dB Maximum Input Level +24 dBu (minor distortion above 23.5 dBu, hard clip at +24 dBu) Input Impedance 20KΩ Balanced, 10KΩ Unbalanced…

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LIVEMIX CS-SOLO Output Power & THD+N @22Ω 200mW @ 1% THD+N 100mW @ .03% THD +N @32Ω 250mW @ 1% THD+N 100mW @ .014% THD +N @64Ω 250mW @ 1% THD+N 100mW @ .005% THD +N @300Ω 130mW @ 1%…

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