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Customer Support

Welcome to our support page. Here you will find all the User Guides, Manuals, Specification Sheets, Firmware Updates and Downloads for Digital Audio Labs products. The best way to stay up to date on new products and product features is through our mailing list here.

Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered here.

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A new firmware update for Livemix is available. This update brings continued compatibility with current production CS-DUO and CS-SOLO units and compatibility with Dante Domain Manager. Please read ALL the instructions inside each update package before starting the update.


This is a fairly big update that changes how Livemix subscribes to Dante Channels. With this update, Dante Controller must be used for channel subscriptions. All Dante related screens are removed from the CS-DUO and CS-SOLO units. It is also a critical update to ensure continued compatibility with all current production Livemix components.


In order to be compatible with Dante Domain Manager, the latest Livemix update removes the ability to subscribe to channels and import Dante channels via the CS-DUO or CS-SOLO. 

Do not update if you assign Dante channels with the Dante Assign tool on the CS-DUO or CS-SOLO. This update removes the ability to subscribe to Dante channels directly on the CS-DUO or CS-SOLO. Subscriptions will need to be set up on the free Dante Controller software.

Do not update if you use the CS-DUO or CS-SOLO to import channel names from the Dante network. The ability to import channel names has been removed in Livemix v4.0.


To update your Dante Option Card, you will need the correct DNT file AND the Dante Updater from Audinate. Once the update has been performed, future Dante updates will use the Dante Controller. Dante update files have a “.dnt” extension. Ensure you have the correct DNT for your Dante card.

If you have a LM-DANTE-EXP (first version) use the LM-DANTE-EXP updater.

If you have a LM-DANTE-EXP2, you will need to determine which revision it is. Your version will be printed on a sticker on the back of the Livemix Dante Option Card. If your LM-DANTE-EXP2 has no sticker, it will most likely be the Rev A/B.


At this time, the Dante Firmware Updater does not function under Rosetta. To update the Dante Firmware, please use the Dante Updater built into the Dante Controller. For detailed instructions click the link below.


These packages are provided for roll-back and informational purposes only.

Current Livemix Versions



Categories: DANTEEXP, Livemix

A switch is not required for a Dante Network. You can connect the LM-DANTE card directly to the Dante output of the console. It is recommended that if you use a switch, you adhere to the Audinate requirements for a switch.


Categories: DANTEEXP, Livemix, MIX16, MIX32

As of Livemix version 4.0, the Dante Controller is required for setting up Livemix on the Dante Network. Versions prior to 2.15 do not require the Dante Controller, although it’s use is recommended. You will also need to use Dante Controller to set the Master Clock for the Dante Network. See the LM-DANTE User Guide pg. 8 for assigning Dante Channels.

Categories: DANTEEXP, Livemix

With the LM-DANTE-EXP2 option card, Livemix supports Dante network sample rates up to 96K.

Categories: DANTEEXP, Livemix, MIX16, MIX32

AES67 is an interoperability protocol that promises the ability to share digital audio from non-compatible networks. As Dante is compatible with AES67, an AES67 network is possible but we do not offer support for creating an AES67 network.

Categories: DANTEEXP, Livemix, MIX16, MIX32

You will need to select Sync to External if the word clock on our console is not set to slave or if you are using any other clock source. i.e Madi, AES50 etc.

Categories: DANTEEXP, Livemix, MIX16, MIX32

We recommend to make the Master clock the console or Dante card in the console. NOTE: There are two ways this can be done. 1) Set the console’s internal clock as Master, then using Dante Controller, set the console’s Dante card as Master clock (for the Dante Network) and also check box “Sync to External”. This will allow the card to stay synched to the console’s master clock. 2) Set the console’s internal clock to be slave of the console’s Dante card. Using Dante controller, set the console’s Dante card as Master clock.


The FREE Dante Controller by Audinate is required to use Livemix V4.0 with a Dante network. Download the Dante Controller direct from Audinate.

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