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Mix Essentials Webinar Image - Livemix Webinar With Alclair In-ear Monitors

Creating a Great In-Ear Mix

Creating a Great In-Ear Mix is a really great tutorial webinar we put on with Will Doggett from From Studio to Stage. In this resource, Will walks you though some great tips for making a good in-ear mix. Getting a…

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Livemix Personal Monitor System - Personal Mix And Personal Mixing Foundations


If you are unfamiliar with the relatively new technology called a personal mix or personal monitoring systems like Livemix, it’s time to get up to speed. Personal monitor systems allow each performer to have a mix with as much “me” as they…

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Livemix Blog - Analog Mixers Vs. Digital Mixers

Don’t Ditch Analog Just Yet!

If you are in the market for a new mixer, chances are pretty good that it will be a digital mixer. Digital consoles have a lot to offer and can solve a number of problems that we run into in…

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