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500 Series Channel Strip with EQ and Compressor
MSRP: $649

The 500CS Channel Strip from LaChapell Audio is a complete channel strip featuring a pristine OpAmp based solid state preamp, high and low pass filters, full 3-band EQ and VCA compressor in one unit.

Each “half” of the unit can function independently for maximum value and versatility. Track with the preamp, eq and compressor together, then switch to independent mode and use the eq/compressor side as an outboard processor.

500CS Right Angle


Lachapell audio 500 series modules icon
500 Series Channel Strip

The 500CS Channel Strip is a two bay 500 series module that works with all 500 series frames and power supplies. Except of course single bay frames.

Lachapell Audio 3 band EQ icon
Mastering Grade EQ

A three band EQ with additional High and Low Pass Filters give flexibility to your tracking and mixing. The transparent mastering grade EQ was designed to minimize phase interactions.

lachapell audio hi-z input icon
Autoswitching front panel Hi-Z input

The front panel Hi-Z input allows the 500CS to be used as an instrument preamplifier. When a 1/4″ jack is inserted into the Hi-Z input, the 500CS switches into instrument mode.

500CS Compressor part of Channel Strip LaChapell Audio

The two knob compressor on the 500CS gives you ratio and threshold controls for flexible but forgiving compression. Select between fast or slow attack and release, and hard and soft knee settings with dip switches on back panel.

500CS Channel Strip preamp with switchable EQ and compressor icon
Split Module and Bypass Functions

The 500CS Channel Strip works in series or independently. Press the Module Split button to use the 500CS as two separate modules. Each section can be bypassed also so that you can use just the EQ, or just the compressor.



60 dB



Frequency Response

6 Hz – 45.5+ kHz

Max Output

28.12 dBu

Typical EIN


Input Impedance

3 KΩ Mic / 20 KΩ Hi-Z

Maximum Input Level

7 dBu


Noise Floor

Less than 94.5 dB from 20 hZ to 20 kHz



Frequency Response

5 Hz – 36 kHz (+/- .28 dBu)

Cut/Boost Range

+/- 12dB

Maximum Input Level

27.65 dBu


3 Band

High Pass Filter

6 dB per octave at 142 Hz

Low Pass Filter

6 dB per octave at 7 kHz





Hard/Soft Selectable

Attack/Release Slow Setting

5 ms Attack, 65 ms Release

Attack/Release Fast Setting

3 ms Attack, 13 ms Release

LaChapell Audio 500CS - 500 series channel strip standard mode


In standard mode, the LaChapell Audio 500CS functions as a complete channel strip.

A signal present at the XLR input to the first bay on the 500 series frame will be processed by the preamp and the processed signal will continue to the EQ / compressor section. The processed signal will be present at BOTH the first and second bay XLR outputs.

A signal present on XLR input associated with the second bay will be ignored in this mode.

LaChapell Audio 500CS - 500 series channel strip split mode


When the MODULE SPLIT button is engaged, the preamp functions as one 500 series module and the EQ / compressor functions as a second 500 series module. In this mode, only signals present at the INPUT to each module will pass through the module and appear at the output.

This mode is perfect for using the preamp on one source and the EQ / compressor on a second source, or to use the EQ / compressor sections in mix down.



The COMP-LINK port is for future stereo compressor functionality (when using two 500CS units).

Absolutely. Think of the EQ and compressor section on the 500CS 500 series channel strip as its own module that can be used as if it weren’t part of the 500DT preamp or, as a complete channel strip. Running the EQ separately is accomplished simply by flipping the SPLIT MODULE switch. In this mode, the 500CS is now two completely separate units. The effects path is re-routed to the corresponding XLR input/output jacks on the power supply and can be used however the user wishes. Below are a few ways to apply these functions.

Scenario 1: The 500CS Channel Strip is being used to record acoustic guitar but, you realize you need an EQ on a different preamp that’s being used for the vocal track. In this case, press the SPLIT MODULE switch. In this mode, you can still use the 500CS preamp on acoustic guitar but the EQ and compressor section is now available to be routed to the vocal preamp.

Scenario 2: You’ve finished recording and are preparing to mix. You’re set with in-the-box EQ’s but need something more natural sounding to shape/sculpt the electric guitar track. With the 500CS switched to SPLIT MODULE mode you can patch into the EQ section’s XLR input/output jacks for this task.

Scenario 3: You’re using the 500CS to amplify the microphone used to record a violin. You love the mic/preamp combo but would like to nudge a little more low-mids before recording. Leaving the SPLIT MODULE  switch disengaged auto patches the EQ and compressor to serve the preamp in this way. In this mode the 500CS is functioning as a channel strip.

All LaChapell Audio products feature a 2 year warranty on parts and labor for issues relating to manufacturing. The tubes have a 6 month warranty. Please see the Digital Audio Labs Warranty page for more information.

LaChapell Audio has been incredibly fortunate in having a great user base. We’ve had folks like Brad Paisley, Hans Zimmer, Phil Keggy, Depeche Mode, M83 and other personally choose our preamps over others for critical productions. Many studios in Nashville, LA and the rest of the world rely on LaChapell Audio to track the sound they want.

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