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LaChapell Audio Rack Mount Microphone Preamplifiers

LaChapell Audio rack mount tube microphone preamps are known the world over for their quality, attention to detail, and sound. The versatility of a LaChapell preamplifier is unparalleled. Every amplifier is has an exceptionally low noise floor for but boasts massive amounts of both clean and harmonically rich gain.

LaChapell Audio 500 Series Modules

LaChapell Audio 500 series tube mic preamplifiers and EQ modules feature the same quality and sonic excellence as LaChapell rack models. The 583S, 583E, and 500TDI are powered by Truetube™ technology that provides 250V to the tubes giving you a wide range of tonal options. Capture tones from clean and transparent to harmonically rich. Only Truetube properly powers a vacuum tube.  No starved plate designs here.

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