Powershape 2.1

The PowerShape 2.1 offers a reliable, cost effective solution for small and midsize installations. This tamper resistant audio solution is intuitive and easily configurable over RS-232, Ethernet or USB, giving you all the power and flexibility you need. With unparalleled audio quality and a robust feature set, the compact PowerShape 2.1 is ideal for corporate, government, and education installations.

PowerShape 2.1 Features:

  • Compact Design
  • Stereo and 2.1 Output Modes
  • Ethernet, RS-232 and USB Control
  • Efficient Power Save Mode
  • Optional Rack Mount Hardware
  • DSP and Mixing Features Including:
    • Gain Control
    • 5-Band EQ
    • Crossover
    • Compression

How can the PowerShape 2.1 be used?

PowerShape 2.1 is perfect for small installations like a conference room or classroom. The compact unit can be rack mounted (with optional kit), attached to a media cart, or hidden behind a flat screen TV. Here are some examples of the PowerShape 2.1 in small installs.